Monday, 31 December 2012

Last post of 2012

So this is my last post of 2012 and what a year it has been both in crafty and non crafty ways. In non crafty events my lovely family has kept me busy, my DD is growing up fast and still fills me with wonder. We had an amazing summer spent in London sight seeing and watching the amazing events unfold at the Olympics and Paralympics. 

On the crafting side I am still enjoying my sewing classes and the crochet bug has definitely hit. Christmas was filled with sewing projects, I managed to make my DD two dresses that she can dance around the living room in and pretend that she is on Strictly Come Dancing. The new addition to our house Toby (DD's baby doll boy from Father Christmas) has a lovely wardrobe of a baby grow, two rompers, trousers and matching hat, all made by me.

My scrapbooking has suffered, it is much easier to carry around a hook and ball of wool in your handbag. I still plan to get to crop but my year is not starting off well as I will be missing the first one of the year as we still will be in London. I do plan to do the 365 photo project and I have already updated the app, this I hope will lead to more scrapbooking.

My crafty plans for 2013, to continue with my sewing I have already booked my next five classes. I was given a great book at Christmas called 101 Great Things To Do With A Metre Of Fabric, I took myself off to the sales and bought various pieces of fabric so that I can work my way through the book. I plan to find some new crochet projects and there is always the granny square blanket to finish.

So here's to an amazing 2013, let's hope it's a crafty one.

PS. Sorry for the lack of photos would have loved to showed off all my creations but as yet I still have not been able how to figure out how to add photos to blogger from the IPad. One day everything will be compatible (fingers crossed).