Sunday, 31 October 2010


I am a complete list maker, I make lists of my jobs for the day, lists of things to take on holiday, lists for shopping. I would be lost without my lists, they help organise me which is great because I use to be a really organised person & now I actually am not sure how I make it through the week if I am totally honest. With Christmas on the way the list making will take on a life of it's own, christmas card list, present list, santa list, food list.

Most of all I have craft lists, multiple craft lists, they grow like they weeds.

I have a to do list which consists of :- find a theme for christmas cards this year
                                                           make the christmas cards
                                                           make a knight tunic for Ella
                                                           organise myself for a table sale (needs it's own list)
Wow that is short for me, am sure that I have missed plenty off it.

I have a scrapbooking list which currently consists of :- Florida holiday
                                                                                        Sister's hen party
                                                                                        Sister's wedding
                                                                                        Half term holiday

I have a list of new crafts to try, a list of craft goodies to buy, as I said it is never ending.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010


Anybody who scraps knows what a crop is, I have read about them lots but had never actually been to one. I have been looking for a crop to go to for ages, finding one proved harder than I thought. Many of the crops in my old scrapbook magazines that are around my area no longer exist.

Then I got lucky I found the ladies at

So as well as being totally excited I was very nervous. I persuaded my lovely Dad to give me a lift so that Steve & Ella could have the car. We finally found the place & there was one lovely lady called Karen setting up. More ladies kept arriving & this is when I got bag/stash envy. I had packed light as it was my first time & I had no idea what to expect. I was sat at a table watching all these like minded ladies coming in, with bags, boxes & crates on wheels. You name it they probably brought it.

The first half of the day, you do your own pages, then in the afternoon you have the choice to do an item organised by eclectic keepsakes. Well once I had seen what Karen had planned for us, there was no saying no. She taught us some new techniques with paper flowers, which I great & will be used on future pages.

Here's my completed project.

As well as projects they have a template that you can take home to use. I have completed a couple of pages using this template.

A halloween one, this photo has been on my kitchen noticeboard for a year, seeing as I am taking the noticeboard down in preparation for the revamp in the kitchen, thought I would scrap it.

This is my little Sister Liz. I took this photo while we were on her hen party, down in Brighton. She was so relaxed & happy, which was really good to see, as the planning of the wedding has been a little stressful.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Ongoing Project

We went on a family holiday to Florida at the beginning of this year. I told myself that I would scrap a whole album on our holiday as I took loads of photos. It is now October & I am still scrapping! I think that this might be a long term goal.

I did manage to complete a couple of pages this week though :)
This is from a kit that I found in TK Max, not the usual place to find craft stuff you might think. My local store is a great place to rummage around, I have grown quite a large stash from there in the last few months.

The papers below are K&Co. I bought them while I was in America. I am trying to be bolder in my designs & these colours add real warmth, it reminds me of being on the beach in the sunshine.

My practice layout, always good to try before you stick.

I have added my title, not sure if I am totally happy, but I never seem to have the right thing in my stash, so I am trying to learn to make do.

The finished page, again my journalling needs to works but I am still only a wannabe :)

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Blog newbie

Today I am wondering if I have done the right thing by starting a blog. Is it just another project that I won't finish or that seemed amazing in my head but on screen is not so great?

This blog is a way of me to document all my projects successful or not. I am hoping that it will spur me on to finish things. I might even learn something.

So here's to the next project & yes I do have something in mind.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

A completed project!

Two rolls of double sided sticky tape, three rolls of ribbon, a box of navy, pink & white card, a new ink cartridge & a very patient husband.

Having a go.

I have always dabbled in crafty stuff, I like to think that I get that from my Mum & Dad. I used to make my Cindy dresses from toilet tissue & pinch the left over wool from my Mum's knitting machine to make pom poms. My lovely Mum bought me a quilling set for a birthday & I think that is probably where my love of paper started.

I have attemped many crafty things over the years, cross stitch, quilling, sewing, crochet, cake making & knitting, but the two that have stuck around the longest are card making & scrapbooking. I will have a go at anything, whether it will ever get finished is another thing. I have half knitted scarves, one petal crochet flowers, dolls dresses that are pinned together & had to go to Mum's to be sewed together.

To defend myself I have finished some projects, my daughter has had some pretty good (I like to think) birthday cakes & I did finish the play curtains that made a playhouse under her bed. Most recently I made the stationery for my Little Sister's wedding.