Saturday, 16 March 2013


I am sat in my dining room/sewing room feeling very frustrated. Last month I made my Mother in Law a knitting bag for her birthday, she saw the pattern in my Sewing World magazine. It took me two days but I was very happy with the end result (I think/hope she was too).

I am now sat here trying to recreate the bag after DH's Aunt saw the bag and asked if she could have one for her knitting. I am just not understanding the instructions, I thought it would be quicker second time round. Hope I am not the only one who struggles to recreate projects. Think I might leave it for today and try again tomorrow before I really mess up.

Monday, 11 March 2013

A note to myself

Hello again, it has been a while, my last post was back at the beginning of February, we are now half way through March. Where has the time gone?

This post should be telling you how silly I was to be worried about going to crop and how I managed to complete three, yes three layouts. Admittedly I was not so productive in March's crop but nattering will always win over productivity.

This blog post is going to be something new for me, it will have no photos and I will not be showing you what I have been up to. This blog post is going to be a note to myself, to remind me that I enjoy blogging and reading other peoples blogs and that I do not always have to have something to show. I sometimes find myself struggling with my blog, the technical side of it and also wondering why I am doing it. Well I am doing it for me firstly as a way to document all my craftiness, but does it have to be solely about the craft side of my life? well no, so from now on if I feel like blogging about the fact that it is snowing in the middle of March I am going to. This might mean that from now on that might be a few more blog posts.

Hope there is somebody out there enjoying this wintery weather because I am glad I am tucked up inside and thinking about lighting the fire. Afernoon of crochet bliss I think.

Bye for now x