Saturday, 26 October 2013

What's on Dolly

So my sewing journey is continuing.
So this week at home I have been trying to finish my Mathilde Blouse. The pattern can be found at 
Tilly was on the Great British Sewing Bee and I now follow her blog. I love that we can now download patterns off the Internet and my Sunday afternoons are spent putting the patterns together like a glorious jigsaw puzzle while my lovely husband cooks our roast dinner.

I did a practice run of the blouse in very thin cheap material. I loved how it turned out but unfortunately I put large buttons on the back and the material can not handle the heaviness of them. So I found a lovely material that I am hoping can handle the weight of the gorgeous red buttons that I have found.

So here is Dolly wearing my Mathilde Blouse, I think she is looking rather good, just need to attach the buttons and it will be finished, hooray!

Every little helps

Long time no post, I know, I need to get back into the habit. My world seems full of planning and scheming at the moment, none of which I can really share at the moment. So onto the stuff I can share.
How often do you get to do something crafty that raises money for charity? For me, never. That was until I came across the Innocent Smoothie Big Knit 2013. For the last ten years Innocent have worked with Age UK to help keep older people across the UK warm and healthy during the winter months. How they do this is by asking people to knit/crochet hats to put on their smoothie bottles, each one sold raises 25p for Age UK.
So here are my hats, I managed to make thirty in time for the deadline which is the 31 October.
It is a great way of using up scraps of yarn. I can't wait to see the bottles with their hats in shops soon.