Friday, 12 November 2010

Hat Update

Well the search for a blue duffle coat has drawn a blank, I did find some on Ebay but they went well past what I was prepared to spend. Never mind Ella has brown leggings & a brown top & she has asked for her hair to be made into bear ears! The hat is still a work in progress this is how it going so far.

I measured round Ella's head for the main part of the hat, I then joined it together & then measured the hole that was created. I then cut out a circle of felt to feel that hole.

I then pinned it altogether & then sewed it together. When the hat is finished it will be turned inside out.

I made the brim of the hat by doing the same size circle & then measuring out the depth of the main hat. So I ended with another big circle. I cut across the middle circle, so that there is a hole for Ella to put her head in, but you need to leave some so that you have enough to attach it to the rest of the hat.

Here is Ella in the hat, I finished sewing last night, but I am still not happy. I think that the brim needs to be smaller. 

So I have repinned the brim & made it smaller. I just need Ella to come from school to try it on to see if it looks better. Will add a picture of the finished item when done, hopefully before next friday. 

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