Friday, 16 March 2012

Do you still craft Mummy?

On the way to school today my DD asked me if I still craft. "Of course I do" came my reply, but it got me thinking, I haven't spent much time in my room recently. To me the evenings that I have spent doing crochet is still being crafty, but obviously not to my nearly eight year old, if I am not scrapbooking I am not being crafty.

Well today I thought I would change that, and new photos always help. There is so much new stash coming onto the market, but I really do need to use some of the huge stash that I have already. Admittedly the papers I have used are on the newer end.

DD had a school trip to the Chelmsford ice rink this week. I had no trouble getting her to school on Monday morning, she loved every minute of it. I took the photo on the way to school, she has a new bag that she just had to take.

The second layout is using a photo that was taken in 2010. We all like to try and get together for my Dad's birthday every year. In 2010 the weather was gorgeous and we went down to the beach. The photo is of my Dad and my Sister, I love that they are in the same pose.

So this weekend is Mother's Day, church parade is on the calendar and cooking dinner for my Mum. Hope all the Mum's out there have a lovely day.

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  1. Ahhh from the mouths of babes...There must be something in the air, nobody in our little circle seems to be busy craftwise.....x