Sunday, 22 April 2012

Happy Birthday Ella

This week was my Ella's 8th birthday, and I am still in a little denial about it. From being a little girly girl, she is now showing signs of becoming a big girly girl. This years birthday was all about gymnastics and One Direction, yes my DD loves a boy band.

Again I have done no real scrapbooking but I have done some cake baking. Ella's birthday cake is where I try to pull out all the stops. I had an image in my head and a trip to a shop called Almond Art, helped me with trying to make it.

In my head I saw a cake covered in flowers, with butterflies fluttering over the top. The idea came at Christmas when my Mum & Dad bought me some butterfly cutters for Christmas. Unfortunately for me my butterflies were a little over weight.

The didn't really flutter, as more dive bombed the cake, oh well Ella loved it (which is all that matters) and said that I was very clever (added bonus).

Finally here is the gorgeous birthday girl, she is growing up so fast. I managed to get some shots of her on her birthday so I will have have something to scrap at the next crop, which I am going to hell or high water.


  1. Beautiful cake..well done...dont spose you saved a thought not :(

  2. There is plenty of cake Laurie if you fancy coming over for a cuppa x

  3. Beautiful cake Becca. Today is my girlie's 19th birthday and the first time in 19 years I haven't made her a cake :o(