Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Having a go.

I have always dabbled in crafty stuff, I like to think that I get that from my Mum & Dad. I used to make my Cindy dresses from toilet tissue & pinch the left over wool from my Mum's knitting machine to make pom poms. My lovely Mum bought me a quilling set for a birthday & I think that is probably where my love of paper started.

I have attemped many crafty things over the years, cross stitch, quilling, sewing, crochet, cake making & knitting, but the two that have stuck around the longest are card making & scrapbooking. I will have a go at anything, whether it will ever get finished is another thing. I have half knitted scarves, one petal crochet flowers, dolls dresses that are pinned together & had to go to Mum's to be sewed together.

To defend myself I have finished some projects, my daughter has had some pretty good (I like to think) birthday cakes & I did finish the play curtains that made a playhouse under her bed. Most recently I made the stationery for my Little Sister's wedding.

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