Friday, 4 March 2011

Two little girls

Two little girls, well one big and one little are excited in our house this morning. The big girl (Me) is going to crop day, hooray. Little girl (Ella) is going to the cinema for a friends birthday and then having a sleepover :D

My scrapbooking mojo has returned, another hooray! I finished one layout yesterday and started putting three others together to take to the crop. The only preparation for the crop I haven't done is find two 6x4 portrait photographs. I am hoping that when I get my hands on the lovely papers that we are getting to use, the photo thing won't be an issue. I wouldn't mind but we have thousands of photos that we have taken, maybe that's the problem, too much choice.

While the scrapping mojo was on half term I started to work on my noticeboard. I have painted four coats of the special magnetic paint onto the back of the mirror. Unfortunately my five year old paint doesn't want to work, no magnets are sticking :( So on Wednesday I am off to B&Q to get some new paint, this time I don't intend waiting five years to use it.

Happy Saturday x

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