Thursday, 24 February 2011


So that appears that it is not only Ella that is on half term, my scrapping mojo is too. I was beginning to think that I might not find a new crafty project either, but I needn't have worried. I have turned my attentions to my craft room, where better to add some craftiness. My craft room is basically a storage room for my stash, yes I do layouts in there but I have never really paid attention to the walls. I have a large noticeboard that was a castoff from my DH's office and that has warped so badly that things do not actually stay on there.

So with the words shabby chic ringing in my ears I am going to add some ME to the walls. Last week at the craft show I came across a stall called Decopatch this is such a great idea that is so simple. So I bought a kit for Ella to do and a kit for me to do. Half term was the perfect opportunity to get stuck in.

I bought the letters for Ella to do her name and chose papers that will go well in her bedroom. I bought the word love and chose my favourite colour red.
We spent a good half an hour cutting up the papers into postage stamp sized pieces, Ella joined in with this, but did get a little bored half way through.
Next was the fun part, you add the glue to your letter, then put on your small piece of paper and then put more glue over the top.
Ella's will take a little longer, but she has made a great start, it is great as it does not matter where you stick the paper just as long as there is glue underneath and over the top. I love my finished piece.
It is already hanging in my room and I have already been back on the website, to see what I can do next.

I have my next project lined up, it is to make a noticeboard for my room. I have bought a mirror, with a frame that I like.
I have some magnetic paint that I am going to cover the mirror part with, I also plan to sand the frame a bit. So I will let you know how it goes x


  1. Yay!! I bought decopatch papers too!! And the same pattern as you. Good taste shared.
    I didn't realise how many sheets I bought once before and I've not used any of those, but I was inspired by what I saw on the stand and felt compelled to buy more.
    LOVE the LOVE - somehow I missed that but I did buy a small gecko and started to cover him. Inbetween his toes was painfully slow and I confess I had more important things to get on with so he awaits for another day.