Tuesday, 12 April 2011

A finished bag

Here is my finished bag, I finally finished it last night. I have gone for darker colours which are more me and I have also freestyled (a term I learnt from the crop). It took me a few hours but I finally started to really enjoy making the flowers and I think I will be making some more to add to some layouts. I have a thing about buttons at the moment hence there being a few on this bag, I just love them and they are so easy to sew on.

I have another bag in my craft room that is crying out to be decorated, so I am sure that I will be doing more.

I think that now I have finished my bag I should do some more scrapping, I am starting to fall behind with my target, but this sunshine is so lovely, who wants to be inside when it is so gorgeous outside.


  1. Oh my goodness, how lovely do those flowers look in a deeper colour?! Fantastic! And those extra bits you have added to your butterflies look beautiful. It was a great project wasn't it? Wonder what she will come up with next ....

  2. Love your bag Becca - your freestyling is really fantastic. I have another one to make for my Sister's birthday and may use more buttons on that one.