Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Let's Party!

This week is full on party organising, I am helping organise a street party for the royal wedding and I am also organising my daughter's seventh birthday party. On top of this I am also meant to be getting my challenge ready for the Let's Scrap celebrations for National Scrapbook Day.

For the street party my job for tonight is to cut out crowns for the children to decorate. I have managed to find some great crown templates at hopefully they will go down well. Tomorrow I am making fairy cakes for the party and a victoria sponge. My plan is to decorate the cakes with union jacks, I have never done this before, but saw an easter egg iced this way and thought it would look great. I will take photos of the process and post them after the weekend. I am looking forward to the royal wedding and the street party will be a good way of meeting people in our neighbourhood. Let's hope the weather stays dry.

Sunday is Ella's birthday party, it is at her gym so that makes life a little easier. I am making her a square birthday cake and I am also in the process of making fimo gymnasts to put on top. I will take lots of photos of the finished gymnasts and cake, fingers crossed that it goes all OK. As for the actual party I am sure that Ella will have a great time as she spent much of Easter out in the garden upside practicing her handstands and cartwheels.

As for my challenge I will post more on that, hopefully tomorrow after all the cake making.

Wish me luck x


  1. Good for you...wish I'd had a steet party to go to ! See you at next crop

  2. Hey Laurie! Just over a week to go woo hoo.