Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Birthday Cake

So I managed it, I made Ella's birthday the day after the street party. Had a little wobble as I realised that in one of my "let's tidy up & get rid of stuff" moments that I had given away the book that has the cake recipe in it that I have used for all of Ella's past birthday cakes. After a quick flick through some other books, I found a new recipe with a slight twist. So with a new cake recipe that I have never used with an added twist, I went forth and made a chocolate marble sponge.
I will be making this cake again, it tasted lovely. The chocolate just adds a little something to the plain sponge and the marble effect looks great. Not that you saw it once I had covered it in turquoise icing.
There is a great cake shop in town that mixes icing to whatever colour you want, which saved my hands being turned turquoise. They also sell edible glitter, that is always a hit with little girls. I did cheat with the gymnasts that I made to go on the cake, I used fimo, instead of icing. I just find the process a lot easier and also Ella gets to keep the gymnasts.

I started by shaping the head, I find that this helps with the sizing for the rest of the figure. I used two black seed beads as the eyes.


I then make a body and attach the arms and legs.
I also find that a cocktail stick helps keep the head attached to the body and will also add a little strength to the figure.
My next clever moment is a garlic press, it makes great hair!
I used something to prop up the gymnast while she was in the oven, it helps keep their shape, until you have cooked and cooled them.
And then there is the final cake all completed. I think Ella liked it, she has asked for the gymnasts to go in her room and today she had a piece of cake as her snack for school.

As a weekend goes it was very busy, but it was fun. The street party was a great success, people are still talking about it and a couple of photos from the day even made it into the Gazette. Ella's party went very well, all the little party goers went home happy and my darling seven year old is beaming.

So what am I up to now that I have all this time on my hands, well I have gone back to boot camp, I am hoping that in just over a month I will look fabulous for our ten year wedding anniversary. Let's Scrap are celebrating National Scrapbooking Day, I have done a challenge for them, which is all very exciting and will put in my next blog. I also need to do a serious amount of scrapbooking layouts, as I only managed four last month, which is terrible.

Oh well, I am off to have some lunch, if nothing else boot camp makes me hungary.

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  1. Becca - I love the cake and the gymnasts are amazing! Clever you. I bet Ella loved it.