Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Feeling a little lost

So yesterday my DD went back to school, she has gone into juniors (whatever that means). Now in the past I would be jumping for joy, planning what I would be doing to fill my child free days. Scrapping and crafting to my hearts content. This year I do not feel the joy, I still have not scrapped, I tidied my dining room instead (shock horror)!! Don't get me wrong DD is happy to be back at school (thankfully), as I type this she is downstairs all dressed and ready to go, an hour before the doors open.

While DD was at home last week I finished, yes finished a project just for her. I have been playing around with some material flowers and I decided to have a go using felt. Normally felt would be in my DD's craft box, what a waste, it is fabulous stuff! DD asked if she could have some of the flowers for her hair. So I was happy to oblige.

I started off with a circle of felt, that I then cut into quarters. I make five petals so you will need at another circle.

I then tied a not at the end of some thread and did running stitch along the curved part of the felt quarter, I used the same thread on all five pieces. I then pulled the thread so that the pieces gather together to form my flower.

I then sewed on a button as the middle of the flower.

Attached a hairgrip.

And made five more, so that DD has six.

Then attached to DD, who is very happy with them and has requested more in other colours.

So again still no scrapbooking, I am hoping that this will change on saturday as it is the Eclectic Keepsake's Crop. That reminds me I must do my photos.


  1. Hey Missus get that scrapping mojo going you will need it for Saturday. Lovely photo of your very grown up little lady and love those hair flowers.

  2. What lovely flowers, so nice to have exclusive hair decorations!!!
    Will be there Sat, see you then.

  3. Those clips are adorable!! And I am so going to make some of those - super cute!
    Hope you enjoyed the class today and it kickstarts the mojo again xx

  4. Love those flowers. E looks really pretty, and what neat plaiting!