Monday, 27 February 2012

I have a dream

Every now and then I have a moment where I think anything is possible, admittedly it doesn't happen very often, just every now and then. Last week I had a moment, it didn't last long, just a brief twenty four hours.

My friend Vicky took me to a place in Chelmsford called Make, Do & Mend, this is such an amazing idea and I have since found out that there is something similar in Bath called The Makery. Now my little adventure got me thinking, wouldn't it be great to have something like this in Colchester. So this is where I get all excited and start looking at empty shops in Colchester, thinking what I would have in there, what classes we could run, what furniture we would have. This lasted twenty four hours, until my lovely husband brought me down to earth with business rates, insurance, oh and that nasty word profit. So for now my dream has been put away until I win the lottery.

I am still ploughing away with my Christmas album. Sorry about the quality of the photos, I used my phone as I have had a couple of computer blips that I have not been able to sort out on my own (nothing like a technical problem to show that you still require adult supervision).

This is an old photo of my DD. I did have a tradition of taking her photo for our family christmas card. This is the first year that I haven't done it and I am not sure if I will be still allowed next christmas as she is growing up so fast.

So that I didn't have left over squares I used the same papers to do the layout below. I can't believe how much a a layout can change just by using a different background colour.

Finally another layout for the Just One Sketch class. I am plodding along with the class, I will get there in the end.

February has been a little slower on the layout front and I am again missing crop this weekend. I need to get my scrapping act together.


  1. Hi Becks...sorry we haven't got to meet up, life is getting in the way at the moment.
    Love the least you are doing some crafting, unlike me !
    Speak soon x

  2. Lovely layouts Becca. Sorry not to be seeing you on Saturday. xxx