Sunday, 5 February 2012

Not going to plan

I have come to the conclusion that my Dad is a very wise man. We have spent a lot of time together this week while my Mum was in hospital. One of his pieces of wisdom this week, is not to make plans. At the time I disagreed with this because I am the Mum of a very active/social seven year old and life needs to be planned, that is until said seven year old gets sick.

I had planned to go to the Eclectic Keepsakes Crop on Saturday, but germs decided to invade my house on Friday. My DD got sick, so my plans for this weekend went out the window, add in some snow and all hell has broken loose.

So what is a girl to do while DD is snuggled on the sofa dozing in between various Disney programs. Tidy her craft room of course. Now I would show you a before picture, but I am to embarrassed, let's just say that you couldn't see the floor or any of the work surface in there. It's a job that has been needing doing for a while, but if I have a spare minute I don't want to be tidying, I want to be crafting.

So here is my room in all it's glory, looking at this it still looks a little cluttered, but trust me this is a huge improvement, it was so bad that DD didn't think that it could be done.

I now have photographic evidence that I do actually have a carpet in there and for once it does not have hundreds of little white squares all over it.

I can now actually see the work surface.

My current Just One Sketch layout, I will hopefully be able to finish it this week. I still can't believe that I only have my current project out. Normally there is the leftovers from several layouts, all the punches that I own and whatever else I have used since my last quick tidy.

I have even rearranged the bookshelves, I now have empty boxes (shock horror), I have labelled my pizza boxes and I even put some magazines out to be recycled.

So how long did this take me, pretty much all day in between caring for the sickies. Did I miss the fab ladies at Eclectic Keepsakes, of course. Am I glad that I have done it, yes, there is always next months crop. Also on another plus side I found my crochet hook in all that mess, so I have begun to start to teach myself to crochet, again.

So my Dad will be pleased to know that this week, I have no plans. DD on the other hand is a whole different matter.


  1. Great to see your craft space, Becca. It's always interesting to see how others store their stash and work. Missed you yesterday, hope Ella is on the mend.

  2. We missed you on Saturday. Lovely tidy craft room. See you soon and hope Ella is feeling better. xxx

  3. Sorry you didn't make it...catch up soon x