Monday, 9 July 2012

It really is July!

Hello Blog, remember me? I am the lady who last posted on here in May. Yes I know I have left you but lets be honest, you know that I am a sucker for some sunshine and a holiday was much needed. Just in case you are interested blog, I had a fabulous time.

So what have I been up too? Well before we went away I managed to get some layouts done that featured DD's eighth birthday, yes my baby girl is now eight.

This layout features my two favourite people, I stamped the background which says "precious moments". I really like these papers they are from My Minds Eye, Stella & Rose, I love that they are not really girlie, so are great for layouts that have my DH on.

The layout below is very girlie, as it should be, with DD & her friends on it.  They were all so giggly &  they had the fidgets. I think that they all had a good time at the cinema & then pizza after.

I am trying to use some different coloured backgrounds, as I seem to have lots of white ones in my albums. I also used something new for me, washi tape. Eileen at a previous crop had given me some to try. I wasn't sure, but she assured me that it is really easy to use & that once I start I will want more. Eileen was right, it is really easy to use & I have ordered myself some. I blinged the wash tape up to add to the girlieness.

Another bold background below, there is nothing like some bright pink. Again something else new for me, I inked round a doily to add something different to my page. Really simple and easy and they seem to be coming back into fashion, maybe because of the jubilee? I also used a different size photo, 4x4. I love the effects that Hipstamatic & Instagram can add to your photos, so being able to print to print them out in all their glory is fab.

Last week DD had a tudor school trip, luckily for me Nanny was able to make DD's costume that was needed. Thinking about this I thought it was about time I scrapped the photos from the last dress up day that DD had at school, Mad Science Day. Looking at these photos I thought it would be great to have a go at the hexagon phase that seems to be going round. Karen posted a tutorial on her blog, so I thought I would have a go. Bonus it is a double pager!

In between scrapping I am still plodding away with my crochet, the bag has hit a slight hitch. I have discovered that gin and crochet do not mix, apparently a small glass affects my ability to count stitches. I have managed to complete two massive granny squares that will hopefully become a cushion cover once I have figured out how to stitch it together. Will keep you updated.

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