Monday, 20 August 2012

I am lovin the school holidays!

There have been times this last school year that I thought I would never find myself making a statement like
"I am lovin the school holidays."
DD has had a rough year at school, which also led to home life being a bit rocky at times too. So the school holidays could be seen as something to dread, luckily it has not been the case. Without the whole school issues, DD has turned into a happy, helpful eight year old.
We have managed to jam pack the holidays with fun stuff and we have seen so much of London. We have been Wenlock mascot hunting (83 Wenlocks & Mandevilles have been placed all over London), we have visited Hampton Court, the Tower of London, Kennsington Palace and Buckingham Palace. All have given me lots of opportunities for lots of photo taking, which is good because when DD goes back to school (boo) I will have some time on my hands to scrapbook & hopefully catch up on my target of 100 layouts.
So with two weeks left let's hope my DD stays the happy princess that she has turned into.

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