Monday, 13 May 2013


Recently I have been very inspired, unfortunately I have not got my act together to blog about it, but that is going to change now.

I was spoilt this year with our family holiday, my gorgeous husband decided that he was going to take us to Thailand, a place that I have wanted to visit for many years. The excitement in our house was on a very large scale and flicking through the guide book and holiday brochure made it bloom even further.

Our first stop was Bangkok and what a truly amazing place it is, nothing prepares you for how hot and busy it is, but that is nothing to how truly vibrant and colourful it is with a mad mix of old and new. We wanted to introduce our DD to the history of Bangkok so we took some tours around some of the many temples there. The temples are truly beautiful places which are boldly decorated with gold and mosaics, hand painted walls that reach for the sky. 

I have never seen so much gold, it is a rich golden colour that spreads it warmth around.

In between the gold were mosaics decorated in rich colours. Here's my tourist pose.

DD was in awe of all of the beauty, she also became almost a mini celeb as many asian women came up to touch her fair skin and ask if they could have their photo taken with her. 

The roof of this temple was made of thousands of pieces of pottery that had been brought to Thailand from China. They were beautiful to look at and have inspired us to have a go at making a mosaic during the summer holidays.

We had a truly amazing holiday, that has given us lots of fabulous memories and fired me up with inspiration, but it did not stop there. While looking for something to watch while suffering from jet lag I found something else to give me lots of inspiration, The Great British Sewing Bee. A program on BB2 that was made by the same people who have given us The Great British Bake Off. What a brilliant idea, I became quickly addicted and was truly gutted that it only lasted four episodes! I am so glad that they have decided to make another one. I loved the mini history lessons that they slotted in to each episode as well as getting to see what the talented contestants would make.

I am now eagerly follow two of the contestants blogs Tilly and the buttons and Lauren's blog, guthrie-ghani. Tilly has started selling her own patterns, one of which I have purchased and made (& completed!), Lauren has opened up a haberdashery with her husband, which I would love to go and visit but unfortunately is near Birmingham, so not a trip I could manage during school hours.

So my creative rush does not end there, last week was crop week, now I must admit I have not scrapped anything since my last visit to crop, I may use my holiday as an excuse but it is not a very good one. This month's crop had a class designed by Sandie, now I have not done the last few classes at crop, it is not because they are not lovely because they are, we have very talented ladies there, I have just not been feeling the scrapping vibe. I know that I need to get back into it, if nothing else to make my DH happy that the room full of scrapping stash will be used. I just need the right inspiration and Sandie truly provided that with her class. Sandie's class was a mini album (which you can find here), now I am normally a 12x12 girl, but Sandie's album really hit the spot for me, she had really thought about all us scrappers as individuals and her album catered for all of our different needs. If you like lots of photos then there was lots of opportunity to add as many photos as you liked with clever hidden flaps. If you like to journal then instead of photos you could journal. you could add pages, make it smaller, there was so many options. 

I have not quite finished my album, but it is in the WIP pile, I am hoping that next week will give me a couple of hours free to finish it. Then I can start my next one, as Sandie has inspired me to make more mini albums.

So there you have it, inspiration a plenty at the moment, let's hope it continues and maybe even spreads.

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  1. What an amazing holiday Becca, the buildings are truly beautiful and they look so elaborate and rich in colour. Wow! Bet you took lots of photos!
    And thank you so much for the lovely words about the mini book. I am really touched that you liked it so much and super excited that you are inspired to make more! That makes me really happy :)
    Can't wait to see your finished book, it was such a lovely idea using your daughter's first photos.