Wednesday, 29 May 2013

A new adventure

If you read my last post you will know that I like my holidays. I like to be spoilt and I like it to be hot. So two years ago when we bought a tent on a whim, there was some giggles from those who love us dearly (understandable really). Life got in the way and the tent stayed in the garage.
At some point earlier this year we must of had a crazy five minutes as we booked a campsite, not two nights as we first thought (just in case it really isn't us), but for five nights! As the departure date drew closer we got more nervous, more supplies were bought and DH mumbled something like it "we had better like this as it is costing me a small fortune". DH also became obsessed with watching the weather. For a couple of hairy days it looked like we were going to have rain and lots of it. There was no way that we were going to setup a tent in the rain, we struggled enough in the sunshine on our practice run.

So on a Thursday morning we pack the car

As you can see we barely had room for DD. Off we went fingers crossed that we would make it without any rain, looking at the huge clouds that seem to follow us all the way. But I guess the camp gods were watching us, as that rain stayed away and we managed to get our tent up in record time.

Here we are with our tent, this photo was taken during our practice run.

For our first camping adventure we stayed at a site called Kelling Heath in Norfolk and I would happily recommend it to any newbie campers. The site was huge and so well organised and importantly for us it had lovely clean toilets and showers and electricity hook up! There were plenty of playgrounds for the children, these proved to be a hit with DD, she revelled in the freedom.
So am I painting a rosy enough picture? Good for the only downside was the cold nights, but DH has been on the Internet researching better sleeping bags, as yes we are going to go camping again!

Who knew what a great adventure it would be, how DD loved being able to wander round on her own making new friends. How camping can show you what a great team you and your other half are. Spending time as a family, visting gorgeous National Trust houses, such as Blickling Estate below.

Reliving many happy childhood memories crabbing in Blakeney.

Just hanging out together was a joy. Yes I did get to do some crochet, let's be honest I don't go very far these days without some in my bag. So our first camping adventure was a success and yes we plan to repeat it. Who knows where our next adventure will lead us.

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  1. So lovely to hear about your adventure Becca and that you have been bitten by the camping bug! Norfolk is a lovely place to go, we've had many camping holidays there and I can recommend other good sites if you are interested.
    I hope the new sleeping bags keep you warmer and a fleece blanket or two are useful for colder nights as well. I often put something as an extra layer under the sleeping bag when I am in a tent, little things can make a dfference. Looking forward to hearing about more trips in the future!