Friday, 3 December 2010

Snow is my favourite & my best

Snow is my favourite & my best, is the title of a book by Lauren Child. I am guessing anybody who has a child aged six or under would of heard of Charlie & Lola the main characters in this book.My daughter loves these books, they don't get read as much as they used too, but with the snow, out came this book.

I am agreeing with the title, snow is my favourite & my best for several reasons -
1. It has made my little girl very happy
2. No school, which means no school run (has made me very happy)
3. Sledging is great fun
4. No table top sale, which has saved me the shame of not selling any cards
5. We finished decorating our three christmas trees
6. I have taken plenty of photos to scrap
7. It has given me plenty of inspiration

Don't get me wrong it does also bring it's problems, my better half is stuck in the US unable to get back & the crop that I was so looking forward too has been cancelled, but on the whole it is all good :)

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