Saturday, 4 December 2010

Snow is still my favourite

Even though I have been snowed in for a couple of days, I'm feeling rather cheerful. My husband has managed to get home which is great. He is much braver than me, he has dug our car out & gone food shopping. The cupboards will hopefully be a bit fuller when he gets back.

Ella & I have been busy together, last year in the sales I bought a ceramic bauble kit, you paint the baubles. This was a great success & I now have three lovely baubles that Ella painted on our tree. In fact she liked it so much I have ordered some more, they will come out in the week before Christmas when she breaks up from school. We also ventured outside, I took Ella sledging which was great fun, I took loads of photos which means I will be able to do lots of wintry scrapbook pages. We also used my lovely new oven & baked some christmas biscuits.

The snow has also given me an oppportunity to do some reading of other blogs & also some internet searching & I think that I have come up trumps. I have found a lovely lady who has just released a scrapbooking app, have a look at I am finding this very handy as I love my iphone. I have also found a scrapbooking forum called Let's Scrap, you can find it at again it is another great source of scrapbooking ideas. A bonus, the ladies on the forum seem very friendly.

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