Thursday, 10 February 2011

Nearly there

I have until Monday to finish the Let's Scrap Blog Hop and I am nearly there. I have two layouts to complete then I will have completed all fifteen challenges. Only one slight hitch and that is my printer has decided that it only likes to print in blue ink, so I am off into town tomorrow to get my final photos printed and then I can finish my layouts. While I am in town I will be going to the library, as the books that I have requested about blogging are in. So who knows next time I blog, fingers crossed I might be able to add something funky.

The layout entitled "Simply Happy" is for Resolution 15, I found this one hard as it was to use the colours, teal, yellow and silver/grey and also the word happy. Teal is such a hard colour to find, the photo doesn't really show teal, it just looks blue. Other than not being happy with the colour I am pleased with how the page came out. 

"Together for Summer Fun" is for resolution 9, it was to put together a layout of something that makes you smile or laugh. I chose these photos that were taken last summer of my family. It is so nice for us all to be together and it was a glorious day. Family and sunshine what a great combination. What is also great about this layout is that it is a two pager, which means two more towards my 100 goal!!

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  1. Beautiful pages Becca. I am impressed at how you are getting on with your 100 lo goal!