Saturday, 21 January 2012

Taking a look at how I do things.

The New Year brings new adventures and I do like to try something new, as it is too easy to get stuck in a rut. Just before Christmas I was reading Karen's Blog and she had mentioned a class that was starting January. The class is called Just One Sketch and the proceeds are going to the Girl Guide Association and seeing as my DD has joined the brownies this year I thought that I would have a go.

Miss Smith is the lady running the class and in her first prompt she asked us to take a look at our most recent layouts and pick out our favourites and look at what design features most on those layouts. For me this is jumping in at the deep end, we have skirted around the issue of what type of scrapper I am at crop.

I am a tidy, safe scrapper or if we are being honest, I am an anal scrapper. I have lots of of white backgrounds, clean lines, punches for edges, use stamps occasionally and if I am really being brave I might add the odd bit of glimmer mist or flourish. I am not huge on loads of embellishments and I use other people's sketches all the time. I love classes at crop as we tend to do all the things that I am not brave enough to do on my own. I am a scrap wimp! Maybe my New Years resolution this year should of been, BE BRAVER!

So we that all being said, next prompt was to design my own sketch. As I have already said, I use other people's sketches all the time. So how do I start this, well by using somebody else's sketch of course. My friend Laurie is well ahead on the homework front had has designed her sketch. So in true Becca fashion I used Laurie's sketch.

Well what can I say, I liked the sketch, it had room for a white background, clean lines and not too many embellishments, perfect. It also meant that for another day I had put off designing my own sketch.

OK, so what happened to the trying new things and being brave, all put on hold because I wasn't happy with my hand drawn sketches. I saw the chance for a new app and I took it. I downloaded iDraw for the iPad. So another evening was spent learning how to use the app. I am really pleased with this app as I can see that I will be using it a lot in the future.

And here is my sketch, basic I know, but I am really pleased with myself as it took me out of my comfort zone and I have had to learn something new. I think that it has potential.

Here's my finished layout, clean lines, lots of white background, punched boarder. I know I can work it on it.

So far this class has taught me to have a look at what I am producing, I know that my layouts are not to everybody's taste but they work for me, for the moment. Next step rotating the sketch.

 Maybe this year will be the year for the new bolder scrapper Becca. We will just have to wait and see :)


  1. Well done Becca - deciding to go your own way. I love your scrapping style and this page is the epitome of a Becca page. xxx

  2. It's great when something can take you out your comfort zone, thats when we often learn most. The app looks great fun. Me, when I scrap or design, I just go for the evolution style.... and completely free style. Very hit or miss!!