Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Crop Day

Saturday was a great day, a whole day of crafty stuff and yummy cakes, what more could a girl ask for?The ladies are all so friendly at Eclectic Keepsakes, I have now met both Karens. They had a full day planned for us, and great fun it was too. I learn so much from the other ladies. They have introduced me to the wonders of the Crop A Dile, We R Memory Keepers magnetic cutting board and several different types of tape which are all now on my my wish list.

Our first project was a lovely waterfall album designed by Karen Moss. Karen's album was lovely, she is a very talented lady. It took me a while to get my head around this, but I now have an empty waterfall album waiting for some photos.

Our second project was a lovely card designed by Karen M, unfortunately I didn't finish it on the day and forgot to take a photo of Karen's lovely card, so this is my interpretation.

We then made some lovely tags, a box and a gift bag all designed by Karen Cole. These are all lovely, but my efforts turned out not so great. The box got squished on the way home, my bag does not quite meet up and I haven't finished the tags. On the up side I have the templates and am planning to have another go.

The last project I did was designed by a lady called Debbie, unfortunately I don't know her last name. Debbie's project was a lovely scrapbook layout. It used lovely sparkly papers and required a lot of cutting out and patience. I didn't finish mine on the day as again I didn't have any photos with me (ran out of ink), but I have finished it now. I am quite pleased with it, but I think that I need to get some better tape or glue because of the glitter, things don't tend to stick to each other so well.

While I was having all this fun, my lovely husband was looking after my little angel. They picked me up from the crop full of what they had been doing together. I came home to a lovely dinner and a chocolate cake. Dinner was such a success that it will be happening again.

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  1. So glad you enjoyed the day and your finished projects look beautiful. See you next month xxx