Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Me & Modern technology

I love my I phone, I really do. It is the best gadget ever, it has my calendar so I can attempt to be organised, it has my phone, it has a camera (always handy), and it has hundreds of apps. I have found a few apps that will aid me in my craftiness

* I have an app that let's me take a photo and then add notes to that photo, great for crops
* I have an app that let's me do small digital pages, quick and easy and a great time filler
* I have an app that has loads of layout ideas
* I have an app that will let me write my blog

This app is the app where I have had my app downfall, I downloaded the light version so that I could try it out. I got on fine with it and thought that I would download the full version. This version let's me also add photos. Hooray I thought, blogging at my fingertips. My downfall is that I can't get logged on to the thing. What makes this even harder is that I usually ask my husband for help, but here he can not help me, as he knows nothing of blogging. I will stick with it, hopefully I will figure it out, for the time being the Mac it is.

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